Our Domestic Plumbing Services

Domestic Plumbing ServicesProblems with the plumbing in homes can be a source of inconvenience right through to a major source of damage when the problem is things like burst pipes.  That means that if you have an issue with domestic plumbing, you need an expert in your local area who can help quickly.  Here at Heatflow, we are experts in domestic plumbing services covering the Dudley area and can help with any problems you have.

Issues with your plumbing

One of the most common problems with a home heating system is blocked drains or pipes.  These can happen for a range of reasons and can build up over time or happen quickly due to a specific incident.  Whatever the cause and the reason, Heatflow can visit the property and use our equipment to unblock the system and remove the cause of the blockage.  We can also offer our services to deal with blocked sinks and toilets as well as burst pipes.

Sometimes the problem isn’t a sudden one but a gradual decline of facilities over time – no bathroom suite or kitchen sink lasts forever.  When you find yourself facing the need to replace some or all of the facilities in your home, we can also offer our comprehensive design and fitting service for bathrooms.

New installations

We can also help when you are having a new property built and require the bathroom to be installed from scratch.  We can work with the other companies involved with the project to coordinate when our services are required and can also offer heating and boiler services as well as bathroom installation.

Sometimes the bathroom you have is in good condition but a change of situation means you need something different.  If you find yourself needing disabled adaptions or wet rooms, we can help with the planning and installation of all of these.



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