Industrial and Commercial Gas Heating Services

Commercial Gas Heating ServicesMany commercial properties use a gas heating system to heat their premises and while these systems are reliable and can be efficient, they do need regular maintenance in order to keep them working.  There are also regulations that apply to any gas appliances in a property that means everything must be done by a qualified Gas Safe engineer.  For businesses in the Dudley area, Heatflow can offer such a service for any industrial and commercial gas heating services.

Regular Maintenance and Repairs

Most manufacturers of commercial gas heating services recommend that you have at least annual maintenance on all the systems in your property.  Often the heart of the system will be the boiler and as Worcester and Biomass credited installers, we can maintain these to the highest standards recommended by the manufacturer.  We can inspect all the elements of your heating system to ensure they are working in best condition and service parts that require it.

Despite the best maintenance, sometimes things do break down and in this situation, we can also help.  We can come to the premises and assess the problem then offer quotes for the work that needs to be done.  That way you can get the heating system in top working condition as quickly as possible and minimalize disruption for the business.

Upgrading Your System

When the time does come to upgrade your system, we are also here to help.  We are LPG and OFTEC registered engineers and can help to create new, energy-efficient systems for your business property that will offer the best value for money.  Outdated heating systems can be very costly to run and the savings on utility bills for the business can offset the cost of a new system over time while ensuring the business complies with the latest in safety regulations.


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